The constant push for a better quality and the continuous search to select raw materials are the foundation of our production process. We select the best raw materials, curating the origin of the malt coming from Belgium and Germany, as well as hops, which range between local and foreign, depending on the type and aromatic properties of each beer.

Like all craft beers, Quattro Venti beers arenot pasteurised: a natural process at every stage of the production process is followed to preserve the freshness and organoleptic qualities of our beers.


This is the start of the journey, the place from which everything begins. Cooking is the first phase of a long process: to create an exceptional beer, it needs to begin in the best of ways. For this reason, we applied a traditional technique: flame cooking, in perfect Belgian style. Flame cooking returns a caramelised beer with a full-body taste.


Here the body of the beer is born and takes shape. Fermentation is a completely natural process in which different yeast strains, together with sugar, develop a chemical process that will define the alcohol content for each beer.


The journey ends inside the shiny glass of the bottle. A “manual” second fermentation is combined with the first: in this case, fermentation is activated by adding the right proportion of sugar. Once the beer has developed its natural carbonation, it’s ready to be savoured.